Lost Bear



LOST BEAR finds himself in a world that is full of Lost things, Lost Toys, Lost Hats, and Lost Umbrellas.

Lost Bear travels to try and find his way home, his journey takes him through Lost Worlds, the Seaside, the Jungle and a trip to the Moon.

Along the way he meets other Lost Toys, Scary Shark, Mischievous Monkey and Polar Bear. He travels on trains and an adventurous Rocket, all the way to the North Pole!

A gentle tale for little ones – short adventures without too long a story to follow. Brought to you by the same team that developed Gingerbread Man, this is show created with a sense of fun and adventure, for all those, large and small, who still love their toys!

45 mins

Technical Details:

- Get-in 1 hour/ get out one hour
- Space required 14ft wide x 10ft deep
- Access to three 13amp plugs near the playing area
- We will bring all lighting and sound

Show development with the help of Iain Halket of Folding Theatre

LOST BEAR'S CHRISTMAS - the Christmas show is essentially the same show, except that Santa makes an appearance near the end, along with wrapped up presents and wrapped up Bears!

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