Dinosaur Detectives

Follow the clues to the Dinosaur Bones……..

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Remember once upon a time people thought the earth was flat! Remember once upon a time people thought the earth was only 10,000 years old! Once upon a time enormous creatures walked the earth, creatures that became known in Victorian times as Dinosaurs.

The Dinosaur Detectives follow a fascinating journey of discovery, fun and conflict surrounding the first fossil finds of Mary Anning, William Buckland and Gideon Mantell. A show with puppetry combined with projection and shadow theatre create their fascinating world. Boys and girls who are into Dinosaurs love this show!

A fossil table will be available at the end of the show for everyone to study fossils – including Dinosaur Vertebrae and Dinosaur Poo! Very popular with the audience.

Technical requirements:

- A playing area, 5m wide X 2.5m high x 3 m deep
- A BLACKOUT if at all possible
- Access to 3 13amp sockets in the playing/stage area.
- Get in 2 hours Get out 1 hour

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